Email Marketing – How To Effectively Promote

The art of marketing is the ability to hit the recipient with the right message. To this end, the client’s analysis, interests, and needs are analyzed. However, the distribution of such a message is not straightforward. Most often, companies decide to send mass media, hoping that it will reach the target group they choose. The problem, however, is the lack of measurement of the effectiveness of such advertising and large financial outlays. A good alternative, in this case, will be email marketing, which, at a low cost, will send the right message to the right audience.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is one of the forms of direct marketing that uses e-mail for communication. The main goals of email marketing are creating and maintaining customer relations and sales. An unquestionable advantage of this form of communication is the possibility of high personalization of the message. You can divide your clients into several groups, and thus send a message with precisely selected content for them. More and more email marketing tools also allow personalization at the level of adding recipient’s name to the beginning of the message. In this way, the customer will feel like this email was prepared especially for him and more readily familiar with its content.

Other advantages of email marketing include:

  1. low costs,
  2. transmission speed,
  3. scalability (used by small companies with a handful of clients, as well as corporations with millions of users)
  4. very good opportunity to measure performance – you know when and how many messages were sent, how many of them were opened, what most interested the recipients and whether they generated sales.

Email marketing – the most common purposes of application

Email marketing is mostly used for informational and promotional purposes. In addition, email marketing is more and more often used for marketing research, by placing a questionnaire in the email, or a link to the questionnaire, which will allow you to gather information about the needs or level of customer satisfaction.

For information purposes, a newsletter, bulletin and electronic journals are used, while in advertising, advertising with a special offer in the message is used.

How to obtain an address database?

The easiest and cheapest solution is to collect email addresses yourself by offering the option of subscribing to the newsletter on your website. If you sell online, you can place a box in the order form with the consent to receive a mailing with offers that the customer will indicate if he is interested. If you do not have your own email address database, you can buy one from an external company. Buying a valuable database is not cheap. Users of such a database have voluntarily agreed to be in it, and also represent the target group of the company.

Email marketing and spam

An important thing in email marketing is the customer’s consent to receive messages from us. If we do not have such consent then our correspondence will be treated as spam. According to European law, spam is considered to be primarily an unsolicited advertising message and unsolicited commercial offers.

How do you become an email marketing champion? 6 practical tips.

The results of modern e-mail marketing campaigns will not be impressive without automation and optimization of existing solutions, such as the use of dynamic graphics or integration with social networks. It is worth remembering the six most important elements of an effective e-mail marketing campaign that arouse interest in the offer at every stage of customer activity and make the marketing message more attractive.

The basic tasks and functions of e-mail marketing activities should be clear to most marketers – acquiring a client, encouraging him to take advantage of the offer and establishing a relationship with him that will prevent his leaving. Meanwhile, customers, often “overwhelmed” by news and newsletters, are less willing to open them, not to mention devoting their time to reading their content. In addition, many newsletters cannot be opened on the phone or tablet at all, and their graphic design is blocked by the recipient’s e-mail programs. Avoiding classic mistakes is one thing, but to achieve the best results you have to go at least a step further. Only the adaptation of activities and communication to a given recipient, using effective e-mail marketing solutions, allows to stand out from the competition.

First of all – get a subscriber

Subscribing to the newsletter when visiting a website is one of the most effective ways to build an e-mail database. The recipient, interested in our offer placed on the website, will be happy to subscribe to the newsletter, to get additional information about it, or to receive in the future e-mails with special discounts or promotions. The effective building of the list of recipients requires maximum facilitation of the subscriber’s ability to save. There are a few basic rules to effectively subscribe to the newsletter through the website. A very effective method is, for example, a pop-up. It is important, however, to allow subscription from every subpage of our site – we do not know, which part of the website will interest the recipient enough that he will decide to subscribe to the newsletter.

Second – learn about his needs

Each subscriber subscribing to the newsletter deserves special attention. This is not only a sign of interest in your brand and its services, but most of all a potential opportunity to gain a new customer. Greeting a new recipient is still an underestimated stage of an email marketing campaign. The use of the enormous potential of the new subscriber can be achieved through automatic, multi-level welcome series, whose aim is to build the interest and trust of recipients, but also to learn about their preferences.

Thirdly – communicate in many channels.

The subscriber should have the opportunity to learn about the chosen brand in many ways. The easiest way to achieve this is by redirecting it to company websites on social networks – an invitation to a discussion on Facebook, receiving the latest news on Twitter or being part of the Pinterest community. In addition, an extremely important process is the optimization of all sent emails for mobile devices, which is of particular importance when using social media. In this case, the solution is a responsive design, thanks to which e-mails are dynamically adapted to the lower resolution of screens of mobile devices and take into account other technical features that should be taken into account in this regard. In this way, the user has the opportunity to read the news in any place, in a simple and intuitive way.

Fourthly – take care of the graphic page

The visual side of the e-mail marketing campaign is one of its most important elements. It is also the easiest way to stand out in the thicket of competitive messages and offers. Currently, the field for using graphic treatments, such as animated gifs or dynamic graphics indicating the time remaining until the end of the offer, is enormous. A notable way to distinguish yourself from other newsletters are non-standard photo formats – the illusion of leaving rigid message frames is not only an aesthetic but also an original solution.

Unfortunately, even the most sophisticated newsletter projects are losing their attractiveness due to the blocking of graphics by e-mail programs. The recipe for such situations is certainly to equip all graphical elements of the newsletter with a formatted alternative text.

In this way, despite the blocked images, the most important information will be immediately visible to the recipient. Alternate text can be specified for each element of the email. It is displayed both in the case of blocking images by the e-mail program, as well as in case of problems with downloading them. Below is an example of a newsletter equipped with alternative text, before drawing graphics.

Fifth – use special occasions

Especially offers for holidays – such as Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day or holiday season – allow you to additionally activate the subscriber and increase the attractiveness of proposals prepared on this occasion. From the point of view of the marketer or the e-commerce industry, all kinds of promotions and campaigns prepared specifically for a specific event are unforgettable opportunities. The potential of such events is huge! Most customers are looking for unusual products that will allow them to additionally celebrate this special day or period.

Sixth – optimize the process of unsubscribing

Interested subscribers are the basis of effective e-mail marketing. Any user who agrees to receive commercial information is extremely important and deserves appropriate treatment. Nevertheless, even with successful e-mail marketing activities, you can not avoid fluctuating user interests that may be associated with unsubscribing a newsletter. According to research conducted by Forrest Research or Marketing Sherpa, the vast majority of recipients unsubscribe from the subscription due to receiving too many messages from a particular sender and inadequate news content to their interests. However, only a small portion of subscribers actually do not want to receive more. For the others, it is worth developing a well-thought-out opt-down strategy that gives them the opportunity to optimize their subscription. Such a strategy allows the respondent to change the content of the e-mail, frequency of its receipt, format, and even the communication channel.