Shortening Links – Earn Extra money

Shortening links are often used to change a long address in a shorter and more user-friendly way. By shortening the link using an external website, we also have access to various types of statistics that may be helpful when posting such links to external sites. Of course, you can also earn on shortening of course.

Making money on shortening links is not as difficult as it seems at first. It’s the perfect solution for people who have a good idea to generate a lot of traffic on the network. While in the case of other forms of earning it makes sense to register on several pages, I do not see the point here. I suggest comparing current rates for both parties. There is no point writing them because they change, and just click on the bottom of the page in “payout rates” to see them.

Shortening links – making money

Shortening the links as the name suggests is used primarily to mask a large number of characters in the link. In contrast to standard shortcuts, a short advertisement page will appear in front of the landing page. After clicking on such a shortened link shared on the internet, wait a few seconds and skip the advertisement. Then, a redirect to the correct link is obtained. In this way, you can shorten any Internet address. Services that enable this, pay for shortening links through them. Income is derived from the ads displayed during the transition to the right address, traffic analysis, and premium accounts. All you need to do is paste your own link to shorten on the website and approve. Then the new link address is obtained. The more times you share and click, the more earnings will be.

There are many so-called shortcuts, or websites offering the possibility of shortening links. The rate for 1,000 clicks depends primarily on the country from which the traffic is obtained. Therefore, instead of sharing direct links on the network, you can mask them with a fritter and earn money. The arrangement of as many links as possible allows for a faster collection of the required number of entries to be paid. Short links can be made available almost everywhere, including on forums, social networks, blogs or in e-mails and other private messages. The content they link to must be attractive to the recipient. They can lead to various websites, photos, blogs, fan pages, etc.

Paying link shortcuts

Below are the two best shortcuts, thanks to which you can earn on shortening links. People who have been on the internet have certainly met more than once with a shortened link using these websites. They also offer the opportunity to earn pop-ups (popup). This is an option for people who have their own websites, although I personally am not a fan of pop-ups. That’s why they are not here. took off in 2009 and is one of the most popular sites for earning on shortening links.

Adfly was founded at the beginning of 2009 and is probably one of the first services of this type. Within a few years, it became the most popular website offering earning on shortening links. In the case of Adfly, the main monetization model is the monetization of short links leading to ads. You can view the current country-specific bids by clicking “payout rates” at the bottom of the page.


The payment from adfly is automatically carried out once a month (first day of the month) on the selected processor. The condition is to have an account of at least $ 5. The address should be provided in the “withdraw” tab. is a Polish website that started in 2013.

Shorte is a website primarily built for global internet, which is why it generates the most traffic abroad. Interestingly, it is a Polish website that started in 2013 and is also successfully operating on the Polish market. Earning on shortening in shorte is based on traffic entering and leaving websites.


The payout with shorte will automatically take place on the 10th day of each month, provided you collect at least $ 5.

Other shorteners

There are also many other websites on the Internet that allow you to shorten links without taking advantage of them. They allow you to shorten long addresses and monitor click statistics. An example of such a service can be